Working to Replenish Life on Earth !

And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth ………..  ~ Gen. 1:28 

Zayin is a theocratic government; an alliance of God-fearing individuals from non-profit organizations, religious organizations, educational institutions and world governments who are committed to emitting the light from within to help themselves and others improve the psychological and social well-being of mankind – as described in the PWM Theory, Declaration of Zayin and the Civil Justice and Freedom (CJFM) Movement.

Zayin is not a corpse (corporation).

Zayin is concerned with the planetary movement, electromagnetic flux and journey through the vortex of life (on the celestial being known mostly by the name Earth) into the next evolution of mankind – so as to avoid a devolution from occurring. Please note that the biblical word “devil” is linked to the word “devol” – the building blocks of the word “devolution which is defined as:

  1. descent or degeneration to a lower or worse state.
  2. the transfer or delegation of power to a lower level, especially by central government to local or regional administration.


Family law court are 100% without jury trial and does not focus on protecting human rights or ensuring the best interest of the family in domestic violence, child support and custody cases. As a result 50% of violent crimes, recreational drug use and all other social ills are reducing the children that interact in modern-day society to an all-time low. Let Us Now Raise the Bar !


Please help us save 100 million parents and children from the crime of injustice in family law courts nationwide – the real devils’ playground where the worst child predators victimize the family unit (the unity).

Personal Development

Get help in the 12 core areas of PWM, then apply what you have learned to help empower others. Develop a new easy fun rewarding career while having a REAL impact that improves the well-being of people and replenishing the living Earth; upon which all life depends


Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs)

Get Help Raising Funds for the NPO and for Heaven’s sake help empower members of your organization and/or residents in the community with completing the first path of empowerment required for a career as an International Diplomat of Peace on Earth. The course is  4 to 8 wks (120h)

Enforce Human Rights Laws 

Sign Petitions online, express your opinion about the issues (advocate) or start a new fun career. The Government of Zayin is investigating and addressing the needs of individual citizens and building sturdy, ease-of-access, reliable theocratic support systems to last always and forever more.