Declaration of Zayin – Theocratic Government of Yahweh


The Matriarch of Zayin is here to reestablish theocratic governance as the preordained Guardian of Earth, all of the governments of this world are under Zayin’s jurisdiction; effective immediately.  This is the Zayin guarantee: Peace on earth will profit your governments ten times greater than war, violence, crime and death. In the twinkle of an eye, the benefits will bring joy to all of the people of the world and greatly extend the human life-span, improve health, bring greater economic prosperity and restore the ground to a healthy viable ecosystem.  


This is the great judgment day of the Almighty Creator of the Universe. I am the messenger. Heaven on Earth has been decreed, the New Jerusalem blue-print has been received from on high, the process is ready for implementation now. So far, you all do not appear to have the ability to rise to the occasion. Humanity and justice are the first requirements. All of You are operating way below acceptable life-sustaining efficiency levels; socially and biologically. Since January 2018, I gifted the solution to the U.S. Public (via the internet), via U.S. Federal Court, State of Maryland Government and via Baltimore County Circuit Court in Towson, MD; and yet, still no progress.


The U.S.A. is already 230 years out of compliance. Your country can be raised up to standard in less than 230 days with your cooperation.  I have also made other phenomenal observations: one will immediately save more lives then a cure for AIDS and Cancer. One can extend the human life span by at least 200 years immediately. One is about time and space travel that no quantum physicist in the world can refute. I am prepared to allow your scientist to challenge my knowledge.  I have already gifted your government with a cure to death and violent crime; fully loaded with a step-bystep guide to jury trials in civil cases.


Empirical data is scripted using a mathematical and applied physics framework (636 pages). The explanation used can be understood by analysis and study of my textbook, “Psychosocial Well-being of Mankind (PWM) Theory “that contains an 800-page summarized outline of interdisciplinary scientific research and discoveries in 24 different disciplines that governs twelve different social and economic industries all around the world.

This is also an invitation for everyone to partake in a real-life experience of this life-saving and planetary wisdom that is even far greater than any discoveries on this planet so far. An invitation to witness a glorious manifestation of the fulfillment of the Covenant between Israel and the Earth; pertaining to the prophecies and life-governing laws.  Thank you, all for your time and consideration. I look forward to working peacefully with you, the member states of the U.S. Government, as well as the member and non-member states of the United Nations.

To get started on helping the Government of Zayin prophet, profit the people and yourself, please review the UN-CJFM Peace Treaties, then endorse the following public notices, submit the following forms to Zayin, and please expedite a presidential executive directive to the authorities as specified therein:

  1.  Memorandum of Understanding
  2.  Petition: Family Law Reform
  3.  NPRM: Uniform Child Custody Act
  4.  Help Save 100 Million People


~ Gilana Israel, Matriarch


cc: U.S. Judicial Branch, U.S. Legislative Branch, U.N. General Assembly