Now it is time to fine-tune and upgrade the current justice systems’ processes to reflect those enactments of Human Rights; so that lack of cohesion that is created by racism, war and politics does not continue to be the paramount barriers to Us enjoying psychosocial well-being and restoring our living Earth; upon which all life depends…. so that the inertia of this society and communistic ideals does not continue to keep us in violent primitive dark ages.

The injustice of crime and the crime of injustice is responsible for at least 50% of violence in the world. Giyl.Org innovations are already legally enacted with current international treaties on human rights and U.N. member countries’ constitutional laws.

For the first time in history, mankind has identified patterns in the nature of poverty, violence and psycho-social welfare for which we can now prevent the biggest threats to all life forms.

Help Save 100 Million Parents and Children 

The first step towards peace on earth right now is rescuing our children from primitive monkey laws by improving the administration of justice in domestic violence and child custody cases; protecting the personal freedoms of parents and children with family law reform and family court. 

The PWM Theory can help us establish a remarkably efficient economic development plan to aid world leaders in making the commitment to perpetuate the measurement, observation and improvement of the Psychological Social Wellness (PSW) Score of all people as a human right and responsibility.

The Psycho-social Well-being of Mankind (PWM) Theory offers us a new scientific method of measuring human social-biological needs under the microscope using the Psychological and Social Wellness (PSW) Score.

Seventh Day Peace & Rest

A model of excellent governance; the PWM Theory shows us what was missing from prior strategies:

The PWM Theory delivers the most accurate explanation, formula and scientific method that captures the breadth and scope with great profundity on how to globally improve the lives of all people on the planet Earth in the following twelve diverse ways:

      1. Food
      2. Safety
      3. Ecosystem
      4. Medical/Health 
      5. Education
      6. Housing
      7. economic security
      8. Legal Protection
      9. Freedom of Choice
      10. Natural Rights
      11. Beliefs
      12. Psychosocial Well-being

These twelve improvements are already legally enacted with current international treaties on human rights and constitutional laws, but the current systems of justice, war and politics are the paramount barriers to achieving these goals.

The problem is constitutional guarantees without enforcement. 


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Covenant of Israel & Judah: Culture, History, Kingdom




Flower of Life is a depiction of the most common psychosocial factors that impact every person’s life in a governed society historically and in modern day times. 


The individual flower of life has many petals. Family, loved ones, faith, hope and dreams are our most prized possessions in this world; the heart and soul of our individual psychosocial

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